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Increased profits

You want impact and results. We can create a services portfolio to increase your top-line and bottom-line results.

Expanded share of wallet

You should capture more value from your existing customer base. We will define, design and deliver cross-sell and expansion services.

Optimized performance

You want efficiency. We will implement a Six Sigma based management framework to track and drive service performance.

Continuous improvement

You need to adapt to market forces. Our Kaizen inspired service management tools enable continuous change.

Rapid innovation

You want to develop and launch offerings at speed and scale. Our Design Thinking methods drive an efficient product pipeline.

Data-driven insight

You expect data and science to drive and prioritize decisions. Our Big Data approach leads to results-based decision making.

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Design Thinking + Business Thinking = Serious Results

We Do Customer Experience

The Service Design Group designs experiences that create engagement, customer satisfaction, usability and ease of use. Our designs purposefully align interactions and touch points between brand, system and user to produce seamless, engaging experiences.

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We Do Service Design

The Service Design Group orchestrates people, process, content, technology and environments to successfully deliver service-based innovations. Our service innovations produce differentiated, relevant services, capable of incentivizing the stakeholder behaviors necessary to achieve business results.

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Our solutions

We Do Process Engineering

The Service Design Group models, tests and fine-tunes the processes required to consistently deliver customer experiences and services. Our process engineering solutions enable measurement, monitoring, and continual improvement, leading to optimal, efficient, and repeatable outcomes.

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We Do Business Models

The Service Design Group explores, organizes, and launches new offerings and lines of business. Our business models leverage service-based innovation to disrupt markets, create competitive differentiation and drive results.

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We Do Design Thinking

The Service Design Group trains, coaches and enables organizations to empathize with users, understand stakeholder motivations and leverage rapid prototyping techniques. Our Design Thinking training focuses on capacity building, knowledge transfer, and direct, hands-on application to actual business problems.

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We mean business.

The Service Design Group gets results. We know our solutions work, so we offer fixed prices, results-backed guarantees, and pay-for-performance contracts. If you need to transform your customer experience or service delivery, you should give us a serious look.

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