Envisioning and launching a new service for a technology startup



The Service Design Group, the premier customer experience and service design consultancy in the US, envisioned a service-based business model from the ground up for a Durham, NC based technology startup. The Service Design Group's innovative business model design solution — The Big PictureTM — provided a framework for organizing the firm's story line, core offerings, value propositions, go-to-market plan, key differentiators and future opportunities.



A technology-based startup had a portfolio of existing intellectual property it wished to bring to market as a turnkey product-based solution. Market research and macroeconomic trends indicated a strong market opportunity for a purpose fit solution, yet there were plenty of challenges to overcome, particularly regarding how best to create scale, efficiency and customer engagement.

To further complicate matters, there was already a market for much less sophisticated offerings, which could cause confusion for the firm's new offering. The firm desired a clear way to differentiate its offering from the rest of the pack.


The Service Design Group started the engagement with its innovative, best practice strategy solution — The Big PictureTM — to rapidly create a business design canvas, which clearly articulated the firm's story line, packaging strategy, competitive differentation, go to market model and future opportunities. Importantly, The Big PictureTM business design canvas presented a service-based model for the firm to pursue, complete with subscription-based pricing and analytic, management, and maintenance services.

Next, The Service Design Group deployed its tactical, results oriented production solution — "Proto-Takeover" — to rapdily generate working prototypes and interactive models of the key service components that would support the product offering.


The business design canvas and rapid prototypes created the baseline vision of the firm. Concepts were shopped with prospective customers and refined. The Big PictureTM is still used by the firm's executive leadership team, to guide and steer its business and investment strategy.

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