Service PathTM creates a step-wise approach that integrates passion, process, people and platform into every aspect of your as-a-service transformation. Think of it as the app to service-enable your business.

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Start With Your Snapshot

Transitioning from product to service begins with understanding your servitization baseline.


Service SnapshotTM provides a data-driven servitization baseline. Complete it on your own from the comfort of your home or office and get your personalized benchmark report. Free ($15k value)

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Run a Kickstart Sprint

If there’s a clear case for servitization, let’s do this! Move fast to unlock your servitization opportunity.


Kickstart SprintTM delivers turnkey service and business model innovation to you. We’ll remotely deploy best-fit tools matching your snapshot and create an actionable path forward to as-a-service transformation. Fixed price, no bull: $32.5k

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Activate Service Path

Seamlessly flow your Kickstart SprintTM into a platform to drive your as-a-service transformation.

$10k Credit Applied to Your First Month’s Subscription


Service PathTM integrates passion, process, platform and people to restlessly innovate and drive your servitization agenda. Think “Netflix” for servitization: $22.5k/month.

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Platform Goodies

Service PathTM is more than “just” software but it does have killer features that make it the app to service-enable your business.

Exec DeckTM drives alignment across your teams and goals. IDEA-3DTM ensures any idea entering our service pipeline goes from idea to investable opportunity in 12 weeks or less. Service IndexTM servitizes the business of managing in-market service offerings, driving continuous enhancement, learning loops, and restless innovation. Behind the scenes, algorithims monitor progress to keep things on track.

Even better, we’re always adding new features. As soon as a new tool is needed, it’s yours! This is service innovation, design, portfolio management & service science as-a-service, pointed directly at driving your end-to-end service transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to get started? + -

See above! We always, always, always recommend starting with a Service SnapshotTM. Because it’s a data-driven approach, it’s the best, quickest and most convenient way to objectively assess where you are and what your servitization opportunity may be. And, you can complete it on your own time from the comfort of your office or home.

How long will it take for me to receive my Service Snaphot report? + -

Within 1 business day of completing your snapshot, we’ll schedule time to deliver and walkthrough your customized report and recommendation. Yes, that means if you do it over the weekend, you’ll have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to hear from us.

Will Service Snapshot really tell me if there's not a fit for servitization? + -

Yes! We take our work seriously. Our passion is to drive servitization and as-a-service transformation, but we’re not going to force-fit what we do to “any” situation. That’s not good service design. It’s also not good business. You can count on our process and approach to produce a credible, viable, data-backed snapshot of your current state relative to servitization.

Can you tell me more about the toolkits in your Kickstart Sprint? + -

Absolutely. We’ve been at this since 2011 and see four recurring patterns of where B2Bs find themselves in the servitization journey. You’re either wanting to quantify your opportunity for servitization, align to a vision of servitization, co-create and generate ideas with your customers, or significantly advance a pre-existing idea for an as-a-service offering. For each of these, we’ve developed the best-fit tool to get you unstuck, gain momentum, and create an actionable path forward! We’ll know where you are based on your Snapshot and will recommend the tool to use for your Kickstart Sprint that will generate the most impact and value for you.

What happens when I move from Kickstart Sprint to Service Path? + -

Good question! Quick answer = we hit the ground rolling and a $10k credit gets applied to your first month. Because Kickstart Sprint always ends with an actionable path forward, we are confident we can have 1 – 3 new service innovations ready to build and test within 3 months of activating your subscription.

What's the typical timeline and flow? + -

We are ready when you are. We can do Snapshot within the next 7 days. We’ll follow up to schedule a review of your personalized report and recommendation by the next business day. If you’re a good fit for servitization (yes, we will tell you if you’re not!), we’ll place a bet that it will take you more time than us to find time to schedule Kickstart Sprint, but when you’re ready, we’ll contain the sprint to ~3 weeks. After that, you’ll have an actionable path forward to servitization, with or without us. If you want proven passion, process, platform and people to drive your servitization and as-a-service transformation, activate your Service Path subscription, we’ll credit $10k to your first month, on-board you and your team in a matter of days, and start designing and building services.

How does a Service Path subscription work? + -

It’s simple. Keep your subscription active and our proven service innovation and portfolio management will keep on flowing. Think of it as turnkey, insourced or outsourced (we respond to either!) access to the passion, process, platform and people needed to successfully organize, define, design, drive and scale successful B2B servitization, digitalization and as-a-service transformation.

What's included? + -

Everything! Nothing from our end is excluded from Service Path. It’s continuous enhancement, innovation, and evolution of our processes, our platform, your servitization strategy, your service portfolio and your people.

How much work do I or my team need to do? + -

It depends where we are in the journey. In the early stages, the honest answer is not a lot! We’ll drive the ship and do all pre, during and post work to make your Kickstart Sprint a breeze (with impact of course!). And, we can seamlessly roll into a Service Path subscription from there (no work on your end required). In the first 3 months of your subscription, we will need periodic access to a team, but we’ll drive and coordinate all activities, customer co-creation, prototyping and refinement. As we move into active deployment of your new services, we will require some fractional allocation of your team members. And, as you move forward and commercialize more and more services, our expectation is that you’d have some dedicated service managers to work with us to co-own your servitization business results.

This all sounds like more work and time than I expected... + -

We hear that all the time. If you feel this way, we encourage you to do some research (we’re happy to send some your way). Servitization is a journey, not a project. On average, results take a minimum of 3 years, with full-scale servitization (e.g. significant service-derived revenues) taking anywhere from 5 to 10 years. Don’t mistake servitization for a quick fix.

Are there similar solutions out there? + -

Not that we’ve seen. To the best of our knowledge, Service PathTM is the world’s only servitized combination of passion, process, platform and people delivering service innovation, portfolio management, and as-a-service transformation as… well… as-a-service!

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